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Darbo Wild Lingonberries - 600g/21oz

Darbo Wild Lingonberries - 600g/21oz

Ref: 12AU46A

Item No. 12AU46A
UPC Code: 01368030585

Darbo Lingonberries- Fancy Jar
Net Weight: 600g/21.0 oz per jar

This item ships separately from our NJ Distribution Center. We do not carry stock in Florida and this item cannot be combined with any other merchandise.

The item is packed 6 units to the case and the importer does not break case lot quantities! Minimum order requirement is 6 jars!

Ingredients: 55% lingonberries, sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: pectin

Fruit content: 55%

No preservatives, no artificial coloring.
Imported from Austria

Price: $10.95 (Excluding SC State Sales Tax at 2%)

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