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Who we are

Who we are

Butlers Chocolates is Ireland’s favourite luxury chocolatier and in 2012 celebrated 80 years of purveying chocolate happiness. Butlers Chocolates, a family owned company, employ 250 staff across production, packing, dispatch, accounts, sales and marketing, new product development and Butlers Chocolate Cafés.

Butlers is a company that has very loyal staff, many of whom who have stayed with the company for many years, over twenty for a good few, and have seen their careers develop along with the growth of the company.

Everything the company achieves is the result of team work and all staff working together in pursuit of a common goal - to create the most delicious chocolates and to look after our customers to the best of our ability.

Butlers Chocolates are available in over 35 countries and 50 airports around the world. In 2012, we opened two overseas offices, one in Dubai and one in Singapore to service the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

As well as delectable milk, dark and white speciality chocolate assortments, Butlers Chocolates produce decadently creamy toffee, velvety soft fudge, deliciously moreish chocolate filled and solid chocolate bars, enticing milk chocolate truffles delicately flavoured with famous liquors and delightful seasonal collections at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter!
About Buttlers

About Buttlers

Butlers Chocolates began life in Dublin’s Lad Lane in 1932. The company was founded by a pioneering lady called Marion Butler who named her luxury chocolate creations Chez Nous Chocolates. Marion established the company in the heart of fashionable Georgian Dublin, making her delicious confections by hand.

Marion, who was born in India and moved to Ireland as a young woman, continued to make her delicious chocolates until 1959, when the company was bought by Seamus Sorensen from Cork. The company is still owned and run by the Sorensen family.

Chez Nous luxury chocolates were regularly sold at the very popular Horse Show and Spring Show in the RDS in Dublin and the company's first retail store was opened in the Grafton Arcade in 1960. The brand was renamed Butlers Irish Chocolates in 1984, in memory of Marion Butler. To mark the company’s relationship and early beginnings with the Dublin Horse Show, a rider and horse remained part of the Butlers Irish Chocolates logo for many years.

The first Butlers Chocolate Café opened in 1998 in a beautiful corner building on Dublin’s Wicklow Street - a popular shopping street in the capital city. Butlers Chocolates could now be bought in a new style of shop, a modern day chocolate emporium specialising in all things chocolate with the best coffee, Butlers signature hot chocolate and the complete Butlers Chocolate range. Each hot beverage purchased in a Butlers Chocolate Café was accompanied by a free chocolate of choice. The inaugural Butlers Chocolate Café was a resounding success and was soon followed by Cafés in Chatham Street, Grafton Street and Henry Street, which have since become familiar and welcome destinations for Dubliners and visitors alike. There are now eighteen Butlers Chocolate Cafés in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.

The Butlers Chocolate Café concept has now been successfully franchised in several locations around the world. The first franchise opened in New Zealand in 2007; there are now 5 Butlers Chocolate Cafés there. Pakistan is also home to 5 Butlers Chocolate Cafés.

In 2003, the Butlers Chocolate factory relocated from its waterfront city centre location on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay to the IDA Business Park in Clonshaugh. This purpose built state of the art factory is home to Butlers Chocolates today. The factory is over 80,000 square feet in size and enjoys BRC Grade A accreditation.

Excellence in product quality, taste, packaging and service are at the heart of the company's philosophy. The product development team at Butlers has always looked to international markets for trends in flavours and taste and to fashion for trends in colours and patterns. The purchasing team sources the finest quality ingredients, locally produced as much as possible, to enable our chocolatiers to create the best tasting chocolates.

In 2011, the Butlers Chocolate Experience Visitor Centre opened. For many years, customers had requested factory tours and the Butlers Chocolate Experience was opened to facilitate this. Visitors get the chance to see the factory in operation, watch our chocolate movie and visit the chocolate museum. The ultimate part of the tour is a visit to the Chocolate Experience Room where guests get the chance to dress up like a chocolatier and try their hand at decorating a chocolate novelty. The Butlers Chocolate Experience is fast becoming a favourite visitor attraction in Dublin - popular among locals and tourists alike.

The company is outward looking and in recent years has introduced Butlers Chocolates to chocolate lovers in many locations across the globe, from Dublin to Dubai and Shannon to Sydney. In fact Butlers Chocolates are now on sale in over 40 countries including USA, Australia, Singapore and Russia.

Over the years, Butlers Chocolates has evolved; from Chez Nous to Butlers Irish to Butlers Chocolates. The company has never strayed from its mission to create irresistible chocolates that are accessible to all and, by doing so, to add a little moment of happiness to everyday life. Butlers Chocolates are an affordable luxury that we would like people all over the world to enjoy.

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